Sunday, November 24, 2013

Review: Teased

Teased by Jamie Begley

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Teased was actually a very good read, but it could have been an excellent one…

The story was complex and full of mystery, suspense, intrigue and drama. Plus, it felt so very real that you could have been watching the story’s movie instead of reading its book…The characters were shaped beautifully and had a very interesting journey throughout the book..So, I loved the story in general…

However, I didn’t like the gaps in the timeline and I even noticed a couple of emotional gaps. For instance, we read how attracted to Vida Colton was, even when he were acting indifferent towards her. But suddenly he stopped hesitating and questioning his feelings and simply started to pursue her incessantly. That moment, when a character changes course of action when he realizes his true feelings is such an important moment in the book and it really saddened me not to have it. Up until that moment, I really loved the book. However, the lack of processing Colton’s feelings and decisions really let me down, because for me that is a huge moment in the story. Indeed, there were a few gaps in the timeline that took me a while to adjust. They were mainly focused on Sawyer and her story, but they bugged me a bit. Especially in the ending right before the epilogue…Perhaps that gap is in the next book of the series..But the movement towards the epilogue was not smooth and I felt very startled by it and annoyed that I didn’t really get any significant answers. Again, all of this may be in the next book, but I merely state my breaking points…

But those remarks do not change the fact that the story and our characters are pretty amazing!! Let’s Go Meet Them!

>>Vida is such a strong, loyal, stubborn, decent and sweet person..You cannot not love her! She has fierce determination and so many dreams for her life that make her awe-inspiring..Because she wasn’t dealt with a good childhood..She didn’t have many resources and she certainly did not have the best environment every child deserves to have when growing up..She is an admirable young woman who will also keep you very entertained…

>>Colton is such a strong, confident and devoted man…He also didn’t have the best environment to grow up in and he certainly was not the best judge of character..Tessa was the worst decision he ever made and he paid it dearly..But we can’t stop wondering that his awful decision did land him with Vida, so yeah I will leave it to that..
I will give you a fair warning that he might make you want to slap him..A lot…In the first half of the book, anyway..So you could enjoy a glass of wine, while reading that first half…

In conclusion, Teased is a really great story..It has some negative points ( in my opinion, at least)…But the story and the characters more than make up for them!!

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