Sunday, August 4, 2013

Review: Indestructible Desire

Indestructible  Desire
Indestructible Desire by Danielle Jamie

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Given by my good friend and author Danielle Jamie for an honest review

I just love this series!!..The first 2 books are so incredible that they made fall in love with this series..So,I congratulated Danielle for her awesome work and then she asked me to be a beta-reader for the next novel of the series..
I can't describe how proud I am of this book...We worked hard for it and I honestly believe it is a great book..Not just because I participated on the writing process..
But because as a reader and most importantly as a huge fan of the series,it was everything it had to be and we wanted it to be..

It's about the aftermath of what happened in the second book..It's about 2 people who adore each other and are struggling with the emotional burden they carry after what happened..It's about 2 people who heal each other's wounds and become stronger and more alive every day they are together..

And thankfully,there's another book coming to complete the series..Another book to make us fall for Kayden and Savannah's story even more..

Amazing.Real.Emotional.Romantic.Fun and Adventurous.This book has it all...

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