Friday, August 23, 2013

Review: Striving for Normal

Striving for Normal
Striving for Normal by B.L. Mooney

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Striving for normal is one most emotional books out there..

It's sweet and deep..It's about the glow that love can offer and about the disaster it may bring..

Drew is remarkably strong..She survived events other people wouldn't.She experienced events that people shouldn't..And she came out stronger..

Dennis seemed like a mild person..It seemed like he didn't have a strong character..But,that was a huge misconception..It wasn't that he weren't strong.It was that he knew what Drew needed and he was strong enough to make her see it..She had experienced violence and tragedy and abuse..She needed a man who would be kind and loving,so that she could get rid of the darkness that she was surrounded with since Craig.

Carl..He is not a bad guy,not at all..I actually like him a lot..But I think he still needs time to recover from hiw wife's loss..

In fact,dear B.L.Mooney could you please write a book about Carl??..I believe he needs his HEA..

Striving for normal is deep and moving..I couldn't put it down..And I may have been quite teary on some moments...

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