Friday, August 9, 2013

Review: A Simple Touch

A Simple Touch
A Simple Touch by Natasha Wilson

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

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I liked the book up to one point,but then I realised the story was getting better and better and I ended up loving it!!!

Jordan..What can anyone say about that woman...Feisty.Stubborn.Sexy but Cute.Loyal.Kind.
I honestly loved everything about her!!especially the fact that you never know what she's going to do or say...She went through so many tragedies and she pulled through on her own,with her best friend right next to her..The unimaginable happened to her,but she twisted that pain into helping others..She made it her mission to help other women,as her friend did with her.She always had her to count on and she wanted to be that someone for others..
She is without a doubt one of the most admirable characters ever written..

Blake is persistant and so adorable that actually makes it unfair for everyone else..He always knows the right thing to say..He always know how to best react to her fears..Basically,I just thinks he knows her..He knew her at first sight...I always love relentless pursuits but this one is special..Yes he is persistant but it's more than that..He sees her sadness and he just wants to make her happy,make her smile..He wants to be her light,as I see it...

I also liked one more thing...In the end,I kept fearing that something else was going to happen..And then,everything would be ok again...That bad thing never happened..But the intensity and the closeness I felt to Jordan and Blake was something I've never felt..I loved the fact that Natasha just let them be in the ending...
I also loved the 2 different POVs in the epilogue!!..Seeing Dacey's POV was unexpected and utterly adorable......

I loved this book!!It's not about the contradictions..And it's definitely not a simple love story with wounded people..It's about meeting the ONE PERSON who makes you free of everythiing including yourself..It's about letting your fears aside,take a leap of faith and let happiness in..

A truly amazing book....I recommend it without any hesitation.....

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