Monday, August 5, 2013

Review: Unexpected Angel

Unexpected Angel
Unexpected Angel by Sloan Johnson

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Story of Tasha aka Precious and Dylan...

I loved the fact that book had both POVs..Dylan and Tasha are 2 amazing characters..They know how to push each other's limits without ever crossing the line..And when Tasha does cross the line,well ah,the punishment is not unpleasant...They are so fun to read!!..

Plus,I loved all the contradictions this book has..
Their relationship is growing strong very fast.Yet,it feels right and that's a bit scary.Both feel so comfortable and so themselves around the other,without knowing each other for long..
Dylan is the alpha male we all love and into domination.But,he puts this aside for her.Instead,he puts her first..her fears,her needs,her pleasure..It's all about her..That's why I loved Dylan..
Tasha has been sidetracked in her life..Her ex-husband Nick,her best friend Holly were all hiding their true characters from her..She had spent years with both of them.Yet,she didn't really know them and in the process she lost herself.But with Dylan,everything comes easy because it's with him..And that's what I love about her..She has fears but she fights them with him but for herself..

I really liked this book..

It has character.It is Emotional.Deep.Insightful.

It's all about being strong to be who you are,meeting the right person and giving him/her your all...

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