Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Review: Stripped

Stripped by Jasinda Wilder

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

OK,my review for Stripped...

It was on my WaitingOnFire list for soo long,so when it came out,reading it was the first thing I wanted to do...
Yes,the synopsis was a bit cheesy but I really thought it was going to be amazing..Well,it kinda wasn't..

I liked the general story,I loved Dawson and I enjoyed the progress of the characters and the storyline....I adored the ending..But for the first time in a while,I didn't adore the female lead..I loved her for being strong enough to get out the small town and follow her dreams..I loved her for all the hard work she's done..

But 1.she left her dad when her mum just died(she could have waited a little) 2.OK you don't have any money,you can't find another job so you become a stripper.Own it.It's not a pretty job but you decide to do it..All the puking afterwards is a little too much..3.When you finally have a chance to stop,she says she doesn't want to depend on Dawson..I don't know about the others,but I would rather depend on him,rather than keep stripping..

Dawson was so amazing he made it up for Grey....He is the perfect man,actually..Sexy but not too arrogant about it..Rich but doesn't touch him so much..He is protective of her but too overbearing..He is adventurous but he's ready to settle down with her..I loved everything about him!
And the ending...ah I loved it...Not saying more about that,though..

You should read it..But,you should probably read the first half,trying not to judge very much..The second half more than makes it up for the readers.....

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